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Green Practices

The Hotel Blue is in its full effort to conserve water and energy. We are working diligently to adopt eco-friendly practices, while being aware not to compromise our guest's comfort and services. The following are just a few steps we have taken towards this goal, but our quest does not end here, as we will continue doing our part in being environmentally responsible by adopting additional eco-friendly strategies:

  • Our staff are trained to conserve water and energy; the environmental committee plans and monitors water and energy conservation and recycling activities.
  • We offer water conservation program to our guests providing them an option whether they want us to change the linens on a daily basis or not. We only collect the towels from the floor; we leave the towels on the rack for them to reuse
  • We have installed water conserving toilets throughout the hotel
  • We have installed new water efficient showerheads
  • We have changed all incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs, which consume less energy
  • We recycle papers, cardboards, plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans.
  • Our rooms are equipped with amenity dispensers providing you more varieties of quality products and avoiding individual packages reducing the waste.
  • Our breakfast area uses dispensers than individual packets as far as possible.
  • We have brand new climate controlled Heating and cooling unit by Amana with digital thermostat in all the rooms.
  • We donate used linens to local communities and to the staff in need. We also donate room nights to local communities.
  • We use all certified environmental friendly products for laundry and guest room cleaning.
  • We buy only Energy Star labeled equipments and appliances.
  • We buy recycled products where possible.
  • We also store electronics and hazardous materials and recycle them periodically.

Your participation in our effort to conserve water and energy plays an important role.

Please indicate if you do not want us to change your linens everyday by displaying the signage
Please leave the towels on the towel rack if you want to reuse them
Please turn your TV, lights and A/C off while you are not in the room